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Location Based Customer Segmentation

Mission: Create or improve customer segmentation based on Usage & Location Data

  • Location & Usage based pattern for prepaid markets
  • Real time customer segmentation for mature market

Complex Fraud Management

Mission: Data Discovery Approach to identify Fraud Pattern

  • Non-Coherent account (IMSI and MSISDN for the same account, from different countries,…)
  • Modified IMEI (stolen devices, jailbreak, rooted devices,...)
  • Tracking of stolen devices (location, user)
  • Unauthorized usages (M2M with regular subscription and vice versa)
  • Retail Network Fraud detection

Advanced Network Planning

Mission: Improve Network Planning for Hetnets, Small Cells, LTE advanced and future 4G/5G features

  • Next Gen Network Roll out and Capacity Planning
  • Network Porosity
  • 4G deployment and eligible customer alerting
  • Matchmaking between handset capabilities/presence and network coverage (3G, Dual Carrier, 4G)
  • Large Events coverage management

Mobile Malware Detection

Mission: Detect & Identify Malware downloaded by Mobile Users

  • Real time malware download or usage on Mobile Networks
  • Malware Reverse Engineering


Our Analytics supports mobile operators, tech providers and development agencies in leveraging data

Social Media Analytics

Sentiment analytics and influencers’ mapping based on social media

  • Deep dive into social media usage
  • Mapping of trends and influence
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) from Tweets & Facebook pages in Arabic
  • Sentiment analysis

Water Sanitation (NextDrop, India for the GSMA)

Customer Analytics applied to water sanitation

  • Support to a service notifying customers of fresh supply of water (date and time) in Bangalore area
  • Assessment of water distribution systems
  • Customer Journey analytics
  • Evaluation of the service

Digital Inclusion in Africa

Reaching the last mile: targeting areas with no connectivity in sub-Saharan Africa

  • Identification of underserved areas with no or little access to connectivity (less than 1 Mbps)
  • Focus on public services such as hospitals or schools
  • Development of geo-marketing tools based on QGIS to pinpoint target segments of beneficiaries or areas by type

m-Health (HNI, for the GSMA)

Analytic assessment of mobile insurance product targeting farmers

  • Support to a free on-demand information resource accessible using simple mobile phones
  • Customer journey analytics leveraging data points from 3 million users
  • Sankey data visualization to identify areas for improvement
  • Evaluation of the service

m-Insurance (the One Acre Fund, for the GSMA)

Analytic assessment of mobile insurance product targeting farmers

  • Support to the development and offering of affordable index-based and indemnity-based micro insurance products
  • Customer Journey analytics
  • Review of the business model
  • Evaluation of the service

Detection of Rural Markets using CDR data

Mapping of Rural Markets (and definition of catchment areas)

  • Data-driven method to detect & describe periodic gatherings (rural markets, sports events,...) in the target areas
  • Leverage this information to design a strategy for service providers to reach out more effectively to rural customers
  • Project successfully implemented in one country of East Africa

Mapping of human gatherings without mobile connectivity

Analysis of satellite imagery, population distribution maps and connectivity data to map untapped demand

  • Connectivity Gap Analysis through mapping of potential demand for connectivity (based on population distribution, human settlements, literacy ratios, HDI index,...) combined with existing connectivity supply (2G, 3G, Wi-Fi, FTTH)
  • Prioritization of areas most promising to cover from an economic perspective

Quantifying destruction in areas liberated from Islamic State using SAR data

Synthetic-Aperture Radar (SAR) Data Analysis to localize and quantify destruction

  • Use of the Sentinel-1 Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data made available by the European Space Agency to identify "incoherence" in radar response
  • To enrich the understanding of those incoherent patterns and bring contextual background other sources are used: traditional satellite imagery, VIIRS data, social networks, news media, field research, secondary research, etc
  • This allows us not to only to localize damaged/preserved areas, but also to quantify the level of destruction, and – if need be – specify the timing of the destruction


Every single industry should benefit from aggregated and anonymous data

Transport Services

Mission: Public Transportation Optimization & Infrastruture Planning

  • Real time trafic management
  • Multimodal transportation and users pattern analytics
  • Calibration/planning of transport infrastructure
  • Infrastructure Optimization

Public Sector/Tourism

Mission: Tourists visits/pattern in specific point of interest

  • Heat Maps of population
  • Predictive data on electricity consumption
  • Density & population flows during large events
  • Touristic flow analysis


Mission: Catchment Area Study

    Media Planning
  • Location based advertising and marketing campaign
  • Feasibility study (optimal location for new stores)
  • Competitive analysis
  • Shopping Patterns

Emergency Management/Gov.

Mission: Proof of concept for a Telco

  • Emergency Platform for Gov.
  • Real time reporting on Crisis Impact
  • Multi-channels Alerting

Financial Services/Mobile Money

Mission: Dynamic MFS Users and Agent segmentation

  • Mobile money agents dynamic geomarketing
  • Catchment area for mobile money use cases (Cash in/out, In store Payment,…)
  • Customer segmentation for Mobile Financial Services
  • Customer & Transactions scoring and Fraud Management based on Location Data
  • Customer Journey in mobile money
  • Churn Prediction of mobile money users
  • Product Adoption Propensity of mobile money users

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