Have a real-time visibility into your trade channel with Experience & Measurement Advanced Channel Monitoring Tool & Analytics


Channel Monitor

Business leaders need to understand and have full visibility into the trade channel for full use of field resources and business performance optimization

Experience and Measurement Channel Monitor is a robust solution for field activities management to optimize business operations, gather insights for decision making and business intelligence for planning in all industries with work force on the field from FMCG, Retail, Health Care, Telecoms, Government and many more

Key Features – Channel Monitor


Mobile Platform Module

Customers, Visits/Calls Orders, Calendar, Merchandizing Evaluator, Survey/Notes, Product Availability, Briefs & Electronic Presenter, Inventory, Analytics and Retail Audit

Beauty of Channel Monitor

Channel Monitor Mobile works seamlessly offline enabling workforce in remote areas carry out their day-to-day tasks without reliance on internet connection capturing Time and Location stamps of every activity to ensure data integrity – data is uploaded unto the cloud upon internet connection


Enterprise Solution

This drives all the applications running on Channel Monitor, to be deployed on-site or hosted. This serves as the core enterprise solution, which can be integrated to client existing applications that are needed to achieve a comprehensive end-to-end field force management solution

Inside the Enterprise Solution


Dashboard & Analytics

Dashboard is a customizable powerful analytics and business intelligent tool built for the Manager to manage field activities and gather insights for effective planning, resource allocation and decision-making


Reporting and analytical system gives the Manager round the clock real-time access to all channel activities by the field representative using Channel Monitor


Enterprise System Manager

Managing all settings and user profiles in the system


System Setup, Administration, User Management, Device Management

Business Benefits of Channel Monitor Solution


Improve Field Resource Productivity; Increase Management Insight; Optimize Business Operations; Reduce Operational Cost; Improve Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty; Streamline Field Operations


Field Visibility

Authentic and validated field report; Brand and product visibility; Field resources performance; Visibility of daily events and activities of field work force



Comparison of brand with competition; visibility into geographical coverage across regions; competition comparison on product availability, coverage, visibility and merchandise



How merchandise materials utilized; Effective utilization of resources for the best results and cost savings


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