Leverage the customer information sitting across different sources in your organization to generate incremental revenue and optimize business performance

Campaign Management & Analytics

Our Campaign Management & Analytics Solution blends design thinking, business context and behavioral sciences, giving organizations the opportunity to profile and target customers with a tailored one-to-one marketing offering along customer value management (CVM) methodology that will increase revenue and business performance

Experience and Measurement experts use a repository of customer value management frameworks using a robust commercial campaign tool to build easy-to-use yet scalable solution for data analytics and insight exploration and campaign management across your enterprise needs

Data discovery| Data Mining & Profiling | Campaign Design | Testing | Launch | Evaluation | Reporting & Dashboards

Our Campaign Management & Analytics Solution

What is Location-Based Marketing?

Location-Based Marketing provides the ability to personalize content based on the context of the individual user, bridging the physical and digital context to provide actionable content at the moment when it can be used.


Location-Based Marketing vs. Proximity Marketing

When it comes to mobile marketing, location-based marketing is the key to bridging the physical world with the digital world, providing contextually relevant content based on a user’s geolocation


Industries using Location-Based Marketing

Whether determined through GPS or through proximity to a beacon, location is a key component of mobile context. More and more mobile marketers are using location to engage with users who have visited or are currently visiting a specific location.


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