Find the Right Solution for Your Business.

Whether you've got a growing startup or are already serving millions of customers all over the world, Experience & Measurement prices offer you the flexibility you need to grow your business.

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Experience & Measurement Digital Growth Platform

Experience the power of a platform that brings together our AI, orchestration & personalization solutions to drive high-value, in-the-moment messaging experiences on any channel.

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Mobile App Engagement

Experience & Measurement offers a range of pricing plans for personalized push notifications, in-app messaging and a message center solution, starting with our free Starter Edition, for businesses of all sizes.

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Email Notifications

Send real-time, personalized transactional and triggered emails to drive deeper customer engagement and value for your brand.

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Mobile Wallet

Get started with mobile wallet marketing for free, and scale up when you need it. Experience & Measurement pricing helps meet your needs as you grow.

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Web Push Notifications

Get started today for free and scale up when you need it. Add web notifications to increase customer acquisition and conversion on your website. Experience & Measurement helps scale your business with pricing aligned with growth of your audience

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SMS Text Messaging

Make your SMS text messages more targeted, personalized and effective

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Customer Intelligence Analytics

Leverage user-level data from your app to make faster and better decisions. Start with a free trial.

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Predictive Churn Solution

Predict and prevent customer churn with our machine learning solution.

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Real Time Marketing API

Stream your real-time mobile data to use in any business system or channel in your stack.

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